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LiquidationTV Supplier
Factory Refurbished LCD / LED Televisions 32"-51"
All 25 TVs Cost: $7,900.00
Wholesale Liquidation Small Kitchen Appliances Pallets
All New Small Kitchen Appliances Lot
Lot Price: $2,900.00
iPhone Cases Wholesale, Cell Phone Accessories Closeouts
Wholesale Cell Phone Accessories
Each Piece: $2.50
Wholesale Stanley Electrical Supplies
Stanley Electrical Supplies Pallet
Pallet Price: $2,900.00
Liquidation Electronics by the Truckload
Sears Electronics Truckload
Truckload Price: $22,500.00
iPad Cases, iPad 2 Protective Sleeve, cushioned ipad case
Wholesale iPad Cases
Each Piece: $3.50
Wholesale Consumer Electronics by the truckload
Consumer Electronics Truckload
Truckload Price: $12,500.00
Wholesale Consumer Electronics Pallets
Consumer Electronics Pallet Lot
2 Pallets For: $3,500.00
Wholesale Apple iPhone 4 16 GB
Wholesale Apple iPhone 4 16GB
Each iPhone Costs: $295.00
Air Conditioner Supplier, Liquidation Closeouts
Air Conditioners Wholesale Lot
Each Lot: $8,900.00
Wholesale TV Supplier
Wholesale LCD Televisions 32"-55"
Each TV Costs: $235.00
Wholesale TV Supplier
Wholesale LCD Televisions 19"- 60"
Each TV Costs: $215.00