Toys 40 Foot Container for Export Wholesale Fashion Costume Jewelry
Container Price: $10,500.00
Each Piece: $1.50
Wholesale Toys by Container Wholesale Costume Jewelry Closeouts
Used Clothing by the Pound - Grade A Kmart General Merchandise Hardgoods 40 Foot Container
Price Per Pound $1.50
Container Price: $8,900.00
Used Clothing by the bails Kmart Liquidations, Kmart Hardgoods General Merchandise by Container
Wholesale Makeup / Cosmetics - 5000 Pieces Baby Accessories - 1500 Piece Wholesale Lot
Each Piece: $0.75
Each Lot: $2,250.00
Wholesale Brand Name Makeup Baby Accessories by the Pallet, Wholesale baby  lot
Wholesale Baby Accessories Wholesale LCD Televisions 19"- 60"
Each Piece: $1.50
Each TV Costs: $215.00
Baby Accessories by the Pallet, Wholesale baby items Wholesale TV Supplier
KHL'S Domestics / Bedding Truckload All New Small Kitchen Appliances Lot
Truckload Price: $7,500.00
Lot Price: $2,900.00
Kohl's Bedding Domestics Linens Truckload Wholesale Liquidation Small Kitchen Appliances Pallets
H Depot General Merchandise Truckload Home Depot Tools / Hardware Truckload
Truckload Price: $5,900.00
Truckload Price: $10,900.00
Home Depot Truckload Liquidations, Closeouts, Home Depot Hardgoods Loads Home Depot Tools Liquidations, Closeouts, Home Depot Hardgoods Loads
Sears Electronics Truckload Wholesale 8 Piece Bed in a Bag Comforter Set
Truckload Price: $22,500.00
Each Piece: $36.00
Liquidation Electronics by the Truckload Liquidation Closeouts of Wholesale Bedding in Bag Sets

Department Store Liquidations
is the leader in the wholesale of Closeouts and Liquidations specifically from Department Stores and Manufacturers. We offer a huge assortment of Liquidations, most of which are overstocks from major well known department stores and big box retailers.  Our categories are endless.

We are the Leading Merchandise Liquidator in the United States.

Our Main Goal is for our customers to be able to make extra profit so that we can establish a long term business relationship. We buy these Liquidation Overstocks and Wholesale Closeouts direct from the stores. There is no middle man. Most of the Closeouts and Liquidations ship directly from the department store reclamation centers, directly to you. No one can cherry pick it in between.

Most of the wholesale customers who purchase our Closeout Sales and Wholesale Merchandise are customers who resell in Auction Houses, Ebayers, Craigs Listers, Exporters, Brokers and Retailers.  We sell our merchandise for pennies on the wholesale dollar which means that you are paying so below wholesale, that there is so much room for you to make profits.

Most of our Closeout Deals and Liquidations are sold in bulk.  Our bulk deals are only sold by the pallet or truckload. We have strict minimums which allow us to offer great low prices and great shipping rates.

We offer a category for everyone, and make it really easy to order. We do not have any special requirements for anyone to order from us. Anyone can purchase these Closeouts and Liquidations Wholesale.

Some of our categories of these Closeouts and Liquidations are:  Wholesale Clothing for Men, Women and Children, Wholesale Electronics, Wholesale Housewares, General Merchandise Truckloads, Sporting Goods, Tools / Hardware, Bedding, Linens, Toys, Fashion Accessories and much more. Most of our merchandise is clean overstock and surplus unless otherwise noted.

Call us any time to ask questions, get shipping quotes or to order your Wholesale Closeouts and Wholesale Liquidations.

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