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Thank you for visiting Department Store Liquidations. We are the exclusive online store of Department Store Liquidations, Closeouts, Overstocks, Shelf Pulls, Wholesale Merchandise, Wholesale Closeouts from Major Retail Chain Stores and Manufacturers. We liquidate excess merchandise and surplus inventory merchandise by the truckloads and by the pallets and resell them to all types of customers.

We sell our Liquidation Merchandise and Overstocks to Flea Market Vendors, Ebay Auctioneers, Live Auctions, Swap meets, Brokers, Exporters and anyone else looking to make an extra buck.

We do not cherry pick our Liquidation Merchandise. Meaning the way we get the Closeouts from the department stores is the way you get them. Most times we ship our Closeouts and Overstock Liquidations directly from the Department Stores.

We are here to offer you high quality wholesale closeout merchandise at pennies on the wholesale dollar. We want you to make some money quickly, so you can order more Liquidations more frequently from us.

We arrange all the shipping and handling straight to your door. Don't worry, we can deliver to houses and garages. Just give us an address anywhere in the United States, and we can deliver our Liquidation Closeouts right to your door.

We carry a huge line of Liquidation Merchandise such as: Wholesale Clothing for Men, Women, and Children as well as mixed clothing pallets. We sell Electronics Liquidations, Tools Closeouts, Sporting Goods Surplus, Wholesale Toys, Shoes, Handbags, Wholesale Cosmetics, Linens, Bedding, Furniture, Hardgoods, Appliances and More.

We have many shipping points for Truckloads from IN, TN, OH, NJ, GA, AZ, TX, CA

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