HD Bathroom Fixtures Truckload
Home Depot Truckload Liquidations, Closeouts, Home Depot Hardgoods Loads

Truckload Price: $4,900.00

$15,000 Original Retail Value!

Each Truck has 22-24 Pallets

Product Code: HD3K1

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This truckload is a great starter load for any auction house, flea market of outlet store owner. These particular Home Improvement Store Loads will give you an opportunity to make a small investment to get a taste of what all these Home Improvement Store Loads are all about.
For the Name of this store, please call us.

This Home Improvement Store Truckload will have 22-24 Full Pallets stacked with a nice variety of merchandise. These loads may include a variety of items such as Bathtubs, Toilets, Medicine Cabinets, Vanities and more.

These truckloads will have an original retail value of around $15,000 and have about 120-200 items on the 22-24 pallets.

More Details:
Each Truckload has: 22-24 Pallets
Quality: Store Returns, Overstock, Closeouts, Liquidations
Categories May Include: Toilets, Bathtubs, Vanities, Sinks, Medicine Cabinets, and more. - NO PAINT OR BUILDING MATERIALS.
Excellent for eBay, Export, Auctions, Export, Flea Markets and Pawn Shops
Expect Top Brands. Very Clean Loads.
Must Take Full Truckload
Approximate Original Value: $15,000
Ships from: IN, GA, AZ