Electronics / Smalls Appliances Truckload
Electronics / Small Appliances Truckloads
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Truckload Price: $15,900.00
Each Truck has 24 Pallets

Availability: Usually Ships in 3 to 5 Business Days



Department Store Liquidations is a direct liquidator of Electronics and Small Appliances From Amazon. This Merchandise Liquidation is stacked on Pallets. Each Pallet will have a nice variety of Quality Overstock Merchandise.

These are shipped Directly from the Facility Distribution Center In New Jersey. Each Truckload will have a nice variety of Electronics, Headphones, Small Kitchen Appliances, Accessories and so much more.

Each Truckload has approximately 800-1,000 Assorted Items.

These are Mostly Overstock & Shelf Pulls. These Electronics and Small Appliances Truckloads are great to sell in Flea markets, Retail Stores & Bin Stores. Expect a Huge Assorted of Items with, great variety and great products.

Each Truckload will have 24 Pallets. . These Truckloads of Electronics and Small Appliances Liquidation ship direct from New Jersey.
More Details:
Each Truckload has: 24 Pallets
Quality: Mostly Overstocks & Shelf Pulls
Categories Include: Electronics, Small Appliances
Excellent for Auctions, Bin Stores, Flea Markets and Retail Stores
Approx: 800-1000 Items per Truck
Must Take Full Truckload
Huge Variety
Ships Direct from: New Jersey