Wholesale Cell Phone Accessories - Lot of 1000 Pieces
iPhone Cases Wholesale, Cell Phone Accessories Closeouts

Each Lot: $2,500.00

Retails for $10-$35!

Shipping Charge: $150 In USA

Each Lot has 1000 Pieces

Availability: In Stock
Product Code: CELLACCLT

We have a great deal on Brand New Sealed Wholesale Cell Phone Accessories.  These are the latest Cell Phone Accessories for all the latest and current model Cell Phones such as Apple iPhone, Samsung Galaxy and the Blackberry Bold.

Expect a huge assortment of iPhone Covers, Cell Phone Cases, Headphones, Car Chargers, Cell Phone Batteries, Data Cable / Charger sets, iPad Cases, Screen Protectors and many more.

Each Cell Phone Accessories comes in a hard packaging for a nice display in your store.

These items retail from $10-$35 in the retail stores.

Our Minimum order is 1 Lot of 1000 Pieces.
More Details:

Each Lot has: 1000 Assorted Accessories
Quality: Brand New Sealed in Hard Plastic Case.
Huge Assortment, Many Colors, & Styles
Hundreds of Different Items.
Wholesale Accessories for: iPhone 4/S, iPhone 5, iPad, Samsung Galaxy, Blackberry Bold.
Easilly Triple Your Money.
These items retail from $10-$35
Shipping - $150 Per 1000 Pieces in the United States,