Luxury Bedding Lot - All New
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Each Lot: $3,500.00

Shipping Charge: $450 In USA

Over 200 Items per Lot

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Product Code: LUXPLZBED1

We at Department Store Liquidations are a supplier of High End Luxury Bedding Products. We have created this particular bedding lot as a way to sample our bedding products without having to take too much quantity of 1 item. This lot will have a nice assortment of nice quality and beautiful current styles of Comforters, Bed in Bags, Sheet Sets, Blankets and more. The Retail Value of this Lot is over $15,000. All the products are brand new sealed in the original packaging. Items and Pictures will vary from each load. This is a great seller for ebayers, stores, exporters, and flea markets. Each Lot will have over 200 Items. No small cheap items included.
More Details:

Each Lot includes: Over 200 items
Quality: All New Sealed in Original Zippered Bag with Color Card.
Assorted Colors, Assorted Styles. Assorted Sizes.
All Current Styles
Expect: Bed in Bags, Comforters, Sheet Sets, Blankets
Items and Pictures will vary from each load.
Minimum Order: 1 Lot
Retail value per Lot is $15,000
Shipping - $450 Per Lot in United States, For over 200 Mixed Items