Wholesale Women's Coats
Wholesale Women's Jackets. Womens Coats Wholesale
Actual Styles Vary By Season

Each Piece: $19.00

Shipping Charge: $250 In USA

Minimum Order: 250

Availability: In Stock
Product Code: WMJKTS1

We have an exclusive deal on these Brand New Women's Jackets and Coats.

These Wholesale Women's Outwear are Brand New with Tags and Labels. Each Jacket is sealed in an individual bag.

You will receive over 20 Different Styles with a variety of brands, colors and Sizes.

These Wholesale Women's Jackets Retail from $50-$75 in the Stores Now.

These are all current styles and of the latest Urban Fashion.  All the pictures above are included in the shipment.
More Details:

Each Pallet has: 250 Women's Jackets & Coats
Quality: High End Brand New with tags and labels
Beautiful Styles - Huge Assortment
Easily sell on eBay, Flea Market, Boutique Stores
These Retail from $50-$75 in the Stores!!
Minimum Order: 250
Shipping - $250 Per Pallet in United States.