Paper Products / Diapers Truckload
Paper Products & Diapers Truckload
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Truckload Price: $19,900.00
Each Truck has 24 TALL Pallets

Availability: Usually Ships in 2 to 3 Days
Product Code: PPRDPRNC1



Department Store Liquidations is a direct liquidator of Paper Products & Diapers. This Merchandise Liquidation is stacked on Tall Pallets Each Pallet will have a nice variety of Quality Overstock Merchandise.

These are shipped Directly from the Distribution Center In North Carolina. Each Truckload will have a nice variety of Items Such As: Toilet Paper, Diapers, Napkins, Tissues, Paper Towel and so much more. All Brand Names Such As Huggies, Pampers, Cottonelle and more.

Each Truckload has 24 Tall Stacked Pallets.

These are Mostly Overstock & Shelf Pulls. These Paper Products & Diapers Truckloads are great to sell in Flea markets, Retail Stores & Bin Stores. Expect a Huge Assorted of Items with, great variety and great products.

Each Truckload will have 24 Tall Pallets. . These Truckloads of Paper Products Liquidation ship direct from North Carolina.
More Details:
Each Truckload has: 24 Tall Pallets
Quality: Mostly Overstocks & Shelf Pulls
Categories Include: Paper Towels, Diapers, Napkins, Toilet Paper, Tissues & More.
Excellent for Auctions, Bin Stores, Flea Markets and Retail Stores

Must Take Full Truckload

Ships Direct from: North Carolina