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We at Department Store Liquidations have been a Liquidation Supplier for over 15 Years.

We purchase Liquidations from many Department Stores from around the United States. We then offer Wholesale Liquidations to the public in bulk sales. Our Liquidation Merchandise is primarily sold to Discount Stores, Liquidation Sales, ebay Sellers, Auctioneers, Flea Market Vendors and Clients Overseas. Our best selling Liquidations are the Liquidation Closeouts from department stores.

These Liquidation Overstocks indicated that the closeouts are brand new. We have other types of Closeouts such as Bulk Liquidations, Clearance Liquidation, and Liquidation Returns. We are a Liquidation Distributor and a Merchandise Liquidator of all top brand name products such as: Clothing Liquidation, Electronics Liquidation, Liquidation Closeouts, Toys Liquidations and much more.